AIR & ELECTRIC 3000 SERIES 2" CLEAN OUT SPINNER 360º , 3 Dimensional, Fully Indexing, Dynamically Balanced Jet from 100 psi - 3500 psi,
1.5 gpm - 39 gpm


The HYDROLANCE 3000 is a fully indexing air driven and fluid fed advanced way of cleaning inside tanks, totes and barrels. The washer rotates in a spherical pattern to clean all interior tank surfaces with powerful solid streams of water. This unit is lightweight (only 12 lbs.) and only needs a 2" vent for the spinner to enter. Use high pressure and low volume water for very effective cleaning without the worry of large amounts of waste water.

Cycle Time: 4 Minutes to 3.5 Hours
Pressure: 100 to 3500 P.S.I.
Flow Rate: 1.5 to 39 GPM
Fluid Temp: 32 to 200 F
Weight: 12 Pounds
Length: Overall 40"
Construction: 316 Stainless Steel
Standard Height: 56"

Caustic, KOH, NAOH, Acetone, MEC, Xylene, Keytones, Glycols, Acids, Nitric, Sulfuric, HF, HCL, Passivator, Food Grade, Teflon, Kalrez, Viton, PVC, High Pressure (4000 psi).

When used as a pre-solvent applicator, the 3000 Series will give an even chemical coverage inside a 40' tanker using only one vent. The exact displacement of the head after every revolution is designed so that the entire internal surface of the container can be reached with exact precision. The water jet, with or without detergents, reaches into every nook and cranny of the container to make it safe and clean for the next load. If used for high pressure cleaning, the maximum cleaning radius is 20'.

HYDROLANCE 3000 is rugged, dependable and easy to maintain. Motors are located outside the tank away from dirt and harmful cleaning solutions. They provide controlled nozzle rotation independent of liquid pressure. The air motor is ideal for applications where spark hazards are present. The unit has heavier, deep cut
teeth on the gear set that are stronger and hardened to resist damage at vents and damage from rough handling.

This efficient spinner uses less water at higher pressure, allowing a reduction in cost of hazardous waste disposal to a fraction of conventional systems.


Motor speed is totally dependent on the air volume and pressure available. Time will vary between 4.5 minutes to 3 hours depending on rotation speed. Electric cycle time is preset

Polymerization Tanks - Chemical - Reactor Columns - Agitation Vessels - Transportation Tanks - Paint Industry - Wine Casks - Beer Barrels - Mixing & Cooking Vessels - Trash Collection
Containers - 55 Gallon Drums -
Cosmetic and Food Blend Tanks.

HYDROLANCE 3000 is constructed of 316 Stainless Steel with Teflon Seals and is compatible with most types of presolves, solvents, strippers, organic acids, caustic washes, aluminum brighteners and passivation chemicals. The spinner can easily be made food grade ready. Tote cleaning is possible with 1500 p.s.i. or greater pressure. This sophisticated rotating cleaning head facilitates the economical, safe and hygienic internal cleaning of tanks, barrels and all kinds of containers in any branch of industry.

  • 360º /3 Dimension Indexed
  • Food Grade Construction
  • Air Driven or Electric (24 Volt)
  • Water Driven
  • Maximum Radius of 20 Feet
  • Minimum Entry Port 2" ID
  • Adjustable Cone
  • 2 or 4 Nozzles

AVAILABLE in lengths from
40" to 12 feet

Optional Round Head

Enclosed Gears –
for washing abrasive substances

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